If you are not very sick or too old, I see no reason why you should pay the vendor to install your washing machine or dryer for you. However you can let the supplier install the equipment if the installation cost in included in the purchase fee.

Installation of the washing machine or Dryer is one the easiest DIY project in your home. You just need to consider two situations:

  • Do you have up to 240-Volts outlet and 40-A circuit breakers?

If yes, go ahead!

If no, call an electrician to get them installed.


  • Did you purchase an Electric dryer?

If yes, go ahead!

If no, then you would need a professional in Gas dryer installation. However, if you have knowledge in gas leaks and detecting leaks, you can proceed.




Choose a location for the washer and measure:

You would consider the location close to water supply. Consider a position convenient enough to connect the water hoses. Also consider the drainage alongside the water supply line. Improper installation of the standpipe might leave the machine messy.

Finally, observe properly or with the aid of level a flat surface. Washer should be balanced to avoid Dancing while on cycle.

STEP TWO          

Turn of power and read manual:

Both machines use electricity, you are required to switch off power connections. Take few minutes to go through the installation guide, to check if there is any new recommendation or instructions by the manufacturer. When you are done, proceed to the next step.



Run hot and cold water into a bucket. This is done simply to confirm that nothing is blocking the hoses. If it is a new apartment you might skip this step once you are sure no debris is blocking the hoses.

After this shut off the value and proceed.



Move the washer into position:

Move the washing machine in the chosen flat position. Adjust the feet to ensure even balance.



Attach the water hoses:

The water hoses are simply cold -water and hot-water line. It is often color coded. It is not difficult at all. Connect hot-water hose to hot-water faucet, and cold-water hose to cold-water faucet. Do the same with the other end of the hoses in the machine.


Connect the drain hose to the receptacle:

Attach the drain hose on the washer and run it to the drain receptacle.  Though this depend on the plumbing arrangements. But it is easy to figure out what to do at this point.  Some washer has the drain hose connected already. That makes it easier.



          Your washer is ready for use. Plug in to electricity and enjoy the washing machine.


                     HOW TO INSTALL A DRYER

You don’t need much tutorials to put the dryer in place. It is quite easy.

  • Choose and measure a location perfect for the dryer.
  • Tidy the dryer vent, make sure you clean the vent to avoid blockage. You can use vent brush.
  • Purchase the perfect prong cord for the dryer.
  • Move the dryer to the designated position.
  • Attach the vent hose to the machine and attach the cord too.
  • Finally connect the other end of the vent to the wall vent.
  • Plug to power and test your dryer.