Have you just ordered for a new TV set?  Have your newly ordered TV set been delivered?  Or do you just want to change the position of your TV?

This article will teach you how you can simply install your TV set on the wall in less than an hour.

Many people go out looking for a technician to help them mount their TV. People can make cool money from you just by doing that. I am sure you wouldn’t want to queue up on demand for mounting TVs.

To Get Started! You need simple devices. Most the hardware needed for installation are contained in the package delivered. You need:



Stud Finder

Screw Driver.

Have you got your devices in place? Now let’s get down to business



Examine the package properly and consider the Best location for the TV:

Once your package is delivered, open the package and thoroughly examine for any missing or faulty bolts and bent or crooked bracket. However, in most cases the package arrives with correct sized bolts and bracket.  So there would be no need for further examination or hand tightening the components to check fittings.

Then, consider the best location to mount the TV. In case it is your living room or bedroom, you are advised to consider the location of installation regardless of the current arrangement of your properties. The arrangement can change from time to time. Now that you have understood stage one successfully let’s move on!!



Search to locate your Studs and drill holes:

Basically there could be different wall you may work with. In this article, I will teach you how to mount your TV on walls with stud and Dry solid walls.

          The next step is that, you will have to find the stud. That can simply be done with a stud finder. Oh that easy? Yes. However, you don’t have to give up on your TV installation if you do not have a stud finder. I will teach you how to locate a stud without a stud finder.

In the United States, studs are located few inches above the wall socket. Give a slight knock at 180 degrees about 24 inches away from the extreme, the area with stud sounds harder to your knock while the rest is hollow. Now that you have located the first stud, measure 16 inches from the first stud to locate the next. Mark the positions of the stud.

Drill holes with your driller, on the marked positions of the stud, make sure you drill exactly on the stud. You can notice that if the drill is harder on the machine. Place your mount on the wall to mark out positions to make another two holes. That is, a total of four holes up and down. Congratulations you are almost done!!




Attach the Brackets firmly at the back on the TV and Attach the Mount on the wall:

Turn the back of your TV, rest the screen on a smooth surface like bed or smooth plan. Locate the four holes at the back of the TV. Can you see that now? Perfect!! Fasten the brackets on the TV with screws contained in the pack. Close examination of the screws will tell you which one to choose.

Done that? Cool!! Now place your mount on the wall, perfectly on the screwed wall and screw with the screw driver. NOTE: ensure tight screw, screw till you notice tight grip. Loosely tight screw may cause your TV to tilt down or you TV might topples and break.



Hang your TV:

Congratulations, your wall TV installations is 99% done. Check all your hardware installation to confirm the alignment. Make sure your arrangement is plumb. Otherwise adjust your fittings.  DONE?

Now lift you TV and simply hung it on the mount, fix to ensure the brackets is firmly attached to the mount. Connect all cables, then sit back and enjoy the Ball Game or romance display.




For solid walls, repeat stage one

STAGE TWO                                               

Measure out the space to drill holes and insert the snap toggles:

The slight difference here, is the snap toggles. The snap toggles is a plastic material, usually inserted into the drilled hole. The essence is the firmly hold the screw. Snap toggles is about 13mm, so make a 13mm drill hole for perfect installation. We are together? I hope so,

After fitting in the snap toggles in the four drilled holes. Attach the mount on the wall and screw with the screw driver.