Do you have a Garbage disposal installed in your kitchen? If you do, then this article is for you. If you don’t, it’s time you install one.

                Garbage disposal is installed under the kitchen sink. It convert into liquids lumps of food remains or other garbage, and then drain via plumbing pipes. The activities of the Garbage disposal keep the kitchen and sink clean and odorless.

Installation of a new disposal or repairing an existing one can be an easy DIY task. And you will pocket a few Dollars for yourself. In addition save the time of calling a plumber.

Most of the things that could cause the machine to jam or malfunction are minor. It could be clogged garbage like egg shell, apple seed, pasta, meat or bones.

If your Garbage disposal suddenly stopped working or start making unusual noise/sounds like something is stuck. It is not a complicated issue, you simply fix it.

Here are the steps:

  • Press the Reset button. This is located at the bottom of the Garbage disposal. Turn on again after several minutes and see if you machine starts working again.
  • If the machine still don’t spin. Look at the bottom of the disposal, there is a hole (hexagonal). Use an Allen key to manually turn the motor to disengage the clog.
  • If still the machine is jammed and won’t turn. Check for leaks. If none, and your warranty has expired. Then consider installing a new Garbage Disposal. However you can call plumber to check for other technical problems.




If you are installing a Garbage disposal for the first time. You would need an electrician to run a circuit and install a switch under your kitchen sink.

In this article I will teach you how to replace your Garbage disposal following 4 easy steps:


STEP ONE       

Turn off power and lose bolts

Shut off power switch or any other electricity unit, loosen the hoses, and unscrew bolts, rings or whatever holds the machine to the drain hose.



Unplug the machine from the sink

Carefully disassemble all the mounting ring assembly. Then hold the machine from the base and turn to rotate. Detach the mounting rings and lose all bolts. Apply little pressure through the sink hole and push out the old Garbage disposal.



Prepare the new machine

Stand erect and start installing the drain assembly on the sink hole. You can apply putty to lock the drain together with the backup rings. Tighten the 3 bolts, that’s it! You are done with the drain assembly.

Do electrical connections, Electrical connections is simply the same as in the old disposal. Black wire to black lead, white wire to white lead.



Install the machine

Now, your new Garbage disposal is ready for fix. Lift the disposal support it with one hand while you tighten the bolt on the ring assembly attached to the sink drain. Plug the disposal drain hose, clip it and tighten the bolt firmly.

DONE! Enjoy your new Garbage disposal.