Congratulations on your new home. Your kitchen don’t have to be clustered with appliances and utensils. One of the ways to give your kitchen enough space is installation of the microwave over the range.

My happiness will grow, if you pocket the few Dollars you would pay a technician. To embark on this DIY project, you are required to read the installation guide manual to understand codes and signals. Fellow the instructions to avoid mistakes.

You would need tools like screw driver (Philips), Measuring tape, stud finder, duct tape and level.

Are you Ready? Ok! Fellow the steps:


STEP ONE:       

Find stud with the stud Finder:

You wouldn’t lift the microwave and lowers it on the counter. The microwave is attached to wall plate which is screwed on the stud.

So locate the first stud with the stud finder and measure 16 inches in angle 180 degrees from the first to locate another stud.



Drill holes on both studs and then on the counter:

Using the electric drill, drill the hole on the stud, in which you will screw the mounting plate on. Most microwave contain two paper template in the package.  Use the duct tape to mask the paper template on the wall and then the counter before drilling. Further instruction on template are provided by the user manual.

Also, drill 3 holes on the counter, one bigger hole and then 2 smaller holes. The bigger hole is for the microwave outlet cord. While the two smaller ones is the opening where the bolts that will hold the microwave in place are attached.


STEP THREE:       

Attach the mounting plate:

The mounting plate or wall plate is the hardware that actually bore the weight of the microwave. Screw the mounting plate firmly unto the stud.



Lower the microwave into place:

Good job! You are almost done. At this stage, call the attention of your wife or neighbor to help you. You can equally use a jack clamp if you have one, instead of calling for help. Lift the microwave and lower it into the counter, let your neighbor hold the microwave in place while you tight the bolt to keep it in place from the hole on the counter. After tightening the screws, your neighbor can go his way.


STEP FIVE:       

Pass the microwave cord through the bigger hole you made earlier on the counter. You can proceed to plug the cord to the wall socket outlet nearest to the microwave.



Connect the ventilation duct:

Depending on the model of the microwave, Read the instruction carefully to know the manufacture’s recommendations and instructions. Use the duct tape to seal the duct.

Now your microwave is set, you can turn on power and experience your microwave do its first heating.


NOTE: If you are replacing an existing microwave. It is a lot easier. The mounting plate or bracket as well as drilled holes are already in place. So all you need is to unscrew all bolts holding the old microwave and remove it. Then install the new one using the instructions highlighted above.