Rowing Machine Vital Tips

Have you not observed that one rowing machine, popularly referred to as Erg or Ergometer is discarded and wasting away in one place or another? Some are abandoned in Frank Claire Underwood workout of choice within House of Cards or eat even neighborhood gym. There is hardly any cross-Filter who has not tried one during workout at one time or the other.

From every probability, you might even be misusing or abusing it! Rowing machine is undoubtedly highly effective for entire body workout. It assists committed athlete to develop aerobic endurance simultaneously with muscular strength. Meanwhile, inadequate training and technique is the common denominator among the gym-users. Unfortunately, if this continues unabated, it ultimately leads to abuse and/or injuries.

For effective utilization of your workouts on the rowing machine, you need to:

  • Inculcate some ergometer workouts into your fitness schedule.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid common mistakes even as you closely monitor technical focuses in your workout session, even in your tiredness.
  • Create time to consciously study the machine and have a good understanding of screen settings.
  • Upon your registration at a gym, the use of rowing machine is the best approach towards improving your physical fitness.

Effective application of rowing machine involves whole body exercise available for those in building up and muscle tones. It helps in enhancing your cardiovascular function and adds to your stamina. Interestingly, rowing machine is uniquely good for matured fitness enthusiasts. This is because of its light impact and softens on joints.

Here are the three best rowing machines you can buy in 2018:

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower w/LCD Monitor

In 2014, we tested the previous version of Sunny but this was just the introductory and the cheapest machine, but highly limited in scope. Hence, we did not really raise our hope by the time we got the box received this magnetic rower, being similar brand.

Fortunately, we were proved wrong because it is perfectly okay. The rowing position is unique and most appropriate considering the selling price. Again, the light Cushing foam on the seat is commendable compared to none. Those footrests firmly grip your feet in position as you continue rowing. Being a magnetic rower, it implies making use of magnets put above a flywheel in resistance to the handle pull. Magnetic model is actually more beneficial when compared to air machine. It is not as noisy and air machine, yet it is more fluent in relation to hydraulic. However, the seat slightly squeaks over the beam the moment rollers do little stick. Even with that trivial reason, this is surmountable by masking it with music, using IPod. Those 8 stages of conditions can be chosen with the application of knob beneath the screen. Interestingly, the costlier rowing machines are automated to perform using standard programs as regard individual work rate with the application of pulse. However, low budget machine models do not have this feature.


  • User friendly monitor
  • Affordable price
  • Comprises o strong resistance stages
  • Not noisy
  • Simple and straightforward when assembling
  • Strong and movable wheels
  • Can easily be folded and keep away


  • The monitor is limited in features
  • Big footprint anytime it is not in storage mode
  • The seat requires cushion to soften the hardness
  • The warranty period is shorter
  • Not too attractive
  1. Concept2 Model D with PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Black or Gray

For the fact that internal flywheel supplies the resistance implies that it is air rowing machine. This flywheel produces wind just as you are pulling the handles, thereby providing additional resistance. The harder you pull, the faster the flywheel spins, generates increasing wind to produce extra resistance. It generates same feelings when rowing on water.

Concept 2 Model D is one of the hottest demands among various brands of rowing machines in market places. It is being marketed by gym-standard rowing machine. Most of the end-users suggest the brand for those looking for best standard unit. They maintain that it is ahead of the rest of the models, considering its unique features and effectiveness. Without any doubt, Concept 2 Model D actually justifies the top hypes here and there with reference to effectiveness, reliability and durability.

Most experienced rowers and competitive athletes are fond of using Concept 2. The available colors of this unit are basically light gray and black. It is fully packaged with the operational manual and guide for the effective application of chain oil tools PM5 displays etc.


  • Sizeable to most users
  • Storage made easier by upright standing
  • Highly attractive
  • Easy to understand control panel
  • Enhance competitiveness with the storage of PC software
  • Uniquely rugged and durable
  • Adjustable resistance level
  • Effective display of vital facts on workout via monitor
  • Highly compacted and keep away for a while
  • Acquisition of heart rate monitor with additional $50
  • The control panel is loaded with valuable features


  • Possibility of increasing wind within the flywheel
  • It occupies considerable space in operation
  • It is herculean task to adjust the resistance
  • It is costly


  • User weight: 500 pounds
  • Weight of the machine: 57 pounds
  • Source of Power: 2 D-cell batteries
  • Chain Material: Nickel-plated steel
  • Height of the Seat: 14”
  • Length of Monorail: 54”
  • Total Width: 24”
  • Total Length: 96:
  1. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

This stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine is a familiar and popular brand among all home exercises. This is chiefly because it is highly affordable and provides low-impact workouts. It is designed and produced by well-respected fitness company stamina, a renowned supplier of best standard exercise machines and accessories as far back as 1987. Some of its brands include Suzanne Somers, Body by Kake as well as Tony Little.

If subject to routine usage, this Body Trac Glider is sure of toning and sculpting your thighs, ab, calves, butt, back and the whole arms. Besides, it as well adds to your stamina including cardiovascular fitness. Better still; it enhances your weight loss as it burns as much as 800 calories per hours, based on your present weight and height and your consistency.

It is strongly built and compact as suitable choice for everyone trying to find correct equipment for a desired workout but constraint by space and budget. Both inexperienced and middle-level exercisers will naturally love it for their light and medium intensity workouts.


  • Lighter but strongly built
  • It smoothens
  • Not lousy and noisy
  • It can easily be assembled faster
  • The arms can be folded if so wished
  • Buyers are given 1 year warranty for frame but 3 months on parts.


  • Shorter warranty on parts
  • Resistance has limit
  • Folding is not unlimited


  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Dimensional Fold: 46” x 26” x 19”
  • End-User Weight Scope: 250 pounds upper user weight limit
  • Assembled dimension: Assembled the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine measures 46” x 21” x 23 ½ “
  • Minimum Space: About 72” x 48” is required to keep it for safety and comfort

In conclusion, if you are yet to know which rowing machine to choose for your personal use due to the numerous rowing machines in the market, then go through the above listed rowing machine and make the right selection for yourself