The Hottest Treadmills En Vogue

One of the commonest types of exercise equipment found in home is the treadmills. They offer direct and effective aerobic exercise. To many people, treadmills are the best option to start fresh workout routine due to the fact that walking is ideally allowed by many individuals, not minding the level of fitness and for those people having back problems. With this equipment, you can develop endurance and strength and as well used the equipment for jogging and training at interval.

Benefits of Treadmills

  • When you are on treadmill, you can do some other things such as reading, watching TV to make the exercise look more interesting.
  • If you are running on a treadmill, you are burning off your calories quicker when compared to any other form of exercise you can carry out in the home such as biking.
  • There are some special features in some treadmills such as heart rate monitors and step counters while the progress of your fitness can be trailed.
  • It is possible for more than a user to use the same treadmill without making any adjustment in the structure.
  • They are very easy to use
  • They have forecasted surface that are very easy to negotiate when compared to the sidewalks, tracks, curbs and the tripping risk are minimized.
  • Every areas of the exercise can be monitored by the user including the duration of warm up, speed, energy use, duration of cooling down and incline.
  • Usually, the users can aim at customizing the programs to suit the exercise duration.

Below are the three hottest treadmills en vogue:

  1. Nordic Track T 6.5 S Treadmill

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill suits all budget and good for jogging, walking and running exercises. The features include adjustable incline, broad range of pre-programmed workouts and have controlling capability of the heart rate. The exercises are very quiet and smooth and as well comfortable. Great kudos to the huge running surface of the machine and the FlexSelect of the cushioning system of the treadmill. With this equipment, you will be able to adjust the surface of the deck right from the soft for the low effect of the exercise which are very easy at the joints in order to make firm when you are trying to stimulate in the outdoor exercise.


  • The structure is durable and robust
  • Stable, smooth and Quiet Exercises
  • It is user-friendly
  • Varieties of programs
  • Folding and unfolding is without stress
  • It can be assembled quick


  • The lower speeds are not smooth
  • It is not compatible with telemetry and the pulse rate can only be monitored through the sensors which is fixed at the front handlebars.
  • It takes two people to assemble due to its heaviness.
  • There is no fan to cool the user during the exercises
  • A sizeable number of buyers do have defected treadmills parts.


  • Assembled dimensions: 5 x 35.75 x 73 inches
  • Folded Dimensions: almost 1/3 of its assembled length when folded
  • Set up: running surface is 8” above floor height
  • Measurements of Tread Belt: 20” x 55”
  • Weight: 203 lbs
  • User weight: 300 pounds
  1. ProForm PFTL59515 Performance 400i Treadmill

The ProForm performance 400i Treadmill comprises of various components and screws with the right set of features. It has a strong motor with right protection and warranty. It has inclined settings with the speed options which are ample.


  • It is heavy and well constructed
  • Excellent design making it look like future treadmill
  • The console is well designed and full of controls and readings
  • Best deck cushioning


  • If the product is not honored, then warranty is useless
  • Huge and wide to have in some homes
  • Be expecting a screw or missing component in the package
  • The customer support is horrible and very poor


  • Have ample options
  • Deck looks like feather
  • Great Motor: 2.5 HP continuous power
  • Well priced
  • Has plenteous incline options and changes between the runs and options
  1. Sunny Health & fitness Treadmill

This treadmill is a fundamental and suit all budget of 2015 model of electric treadmill that comprises of some significant features that are not common in the price range of treadmills. Since it is not of gym quality, it is made up of strong steel frame with quiet and smooth usage. If you are within the range of short or medium height, 220 pounds or less in weight, and you are already in the treadmill market to use the equipment for just little jogging and walking, just continue to read. It could be the act of modeling for you.

But if you are above the average height with more than 220 pounds weight and thinking of running long and very hard sessions, then you will require a treadmill with a very strong motor coupled with running surface that is more spacious.


  • It has a 220 Peak HP drive system
  • Speed option range is between 0.5 mph and 9 mph with 1/10 mph increments in-between
  • The levels of incline options are not utmost but rather let you vary your workout, making it more ambitious
  • Programs can be triggered by pressing a button set into the console
  • Pulse rate sensor enhance you to work in your good heart rate one for best outcomes
  • Monitor shows time, calories burnt by the users, current program speed, and distance and pulse rate.
  • Soft drop system helps to reduce safely and with ease.
  • Deck can be lifted so as to save more space when the treadmill is not in use
  • Built-in transport wheels for easy relocation
  • Have easy located ledge
  • Very quiet to use so as to hear television when you are working out
  • Smooth movement
  • Easy assembly
  • Warranty is just 12 months


  • Low incline settings: 6 degrees
  • Height limitation: the treadmill is not good for the taller people



  • Upper User Weight Limit: 220 pounds
  • Color: pink or gray
  • Weight o the treadmill: 103 lbs
  • Belt: 48 ¾ x 15 ¾”
  • Folded Dimensions: 34 ½” x 27” x 58”
  • Assembled Dimensions: 62 1/5” x 27” x 47 1/3”

In the final analysis, if you want to get in shape or want to lose weight, treadmills could be the best option to reach your goals.